What is Law in Business?

After study this, we will learn about: Introduction: Law: Law is the command of the Sovereign. It means (i) law has its source in sovereign authority (ii) law is accompanied by sanctions and (iii) the command to be a law should compel a course of conduct. Being a command the law must flow from a […]

Definitions of Business Letters

Business Letters: A business letter is a traditional form of business message. It is one of the important written media of business communication. Messages concerned with business are sent through this letter. When two or more business organizations write letters to each other concerning purchases and sales or any other matter relating to business transactions, […]

Non- verbal Communication

         As indicated by the name, non-verbal communication is non-word communication. This means that communication that involves neither written nor spoken words but uses symbols other than word or language is known as non-verbal communication. A series of symbols such as facial expressions, hand gestures, pictures, and the like are designed to communicate a massage. […]

Communication process

Meaning A process consists of series of interrelated steps taken one after another with a view to accomplishing a desired goal. The communication process is similarly an aggregate of many steps or operations involved in the transmission of a message. In other words, the total number of activities performed one after another in the exchange […]

Direction of Communication

Every organization, big or small, has to communicate internally and externally. To succeed, an organization must share information with people both inside and outside the firm. Business has 4 types of communication. 1. Downward communication: The word “downward” refers to the flow, which is directed from higher to a lower level. Downward communication is a […]

Barriers of Business Communication

Meaning of Barriers of Business Communication: Communication barriers may be defined as any factors that interfere with communicating a message. These barriers obstruct free and smooth movement of a message. Barriers may be related to the sender, the receiver or the environment. Given below is a list of some common barriers, which should be considered […]

Communication Networks

Meaning of Network: A network is a group of people who develop and maintain contact to exchange information usually about shared interest. ‘Griffin’ defines communication networks as the pattern through which the members of a group communicate. In organizations, any message is to be exchanged between the centre and the departments and the persons involved […]

What is Business Reports ?

Meaning of Report The word report stems from the Latin word ‘reportare’ meaning to carry back (re=back + portare= to carry). In this sense report is an account of something (heard, seen, done, and studied). Accordingly letters, memorandums and news items are also reports.  Reports viewed in this way do not serve our purpose. To […]

Meaning of Public Speaking

Meaning of Public Speaking Generally public speaking means speaking before the public. It is a form of address where a speaker addresses a huge number of audiences congregated to hear messages. Public speaker must have the ability to control vocal qualities to match with any speaking situation. They must also the need eye contact with […]

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