Meaning of Public Speaking

Meaning of Public Speaking Generally public speaking means speaking before the public. It is a form of address where a speaker addresses a huge number of audiences congregated to hear messages. Public speaker must have the ability to control vocal qualities to match with any speaking situation. They must also the need eye contact with […]

Importance of business communication skill

Meaning of Skill         Skills refer to the abilities of doing something well, because you have learned and practiced it. So, communication skills are the abilities of writing, speaking listening and interpersonal communicating effectively. Importance of business communication skills          Because communication is so much important in business, business organizations need people with good communication […]

What is Business Communication ?

Meaning of Business Communication : Business communication is nothing new. Generally speaking, communication applied to the business world is called business communication. In this sense, it is a specialized branch of general communication. We can define business communication as a flow of information that occurs in any business organization. We know that for survival and […]

Cross Culture Communications

Meaning of Cross Culture Communications Cross culture communication is a process of sending and receiving messages between people, from different cultures. This communication is largely affected by cultural differences and language equivalency. Naturally, cross culture communication involves understanding cultural differences and overcoming language problems. Culture may be defined as the way of life of people […]

What is partnership Business ?

What is partnership Business ? A business may have a small beginning as a sole proprietorship, later expand into a partnership, and finally become corporations. Partnership is a business owned by two or more people. Partnership Act defines partnership as “an association of two or more person to carry on as co- owners of a […]

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