Forms of Business Ownership : Important 3 Types of Ownership

There have three forms of business ownership. That’s below mentioned – 1. Sole Proprietorship – Forms of Business Ownership: The oldest, most common form of private business ownership in the United States is the sole proprietorship. A sole proprietorship is a business owned and managed by one individual. That person may receive help from others […]

What is partnership Business ?

What is partnership Business ? A business may have a small beginning as a sole proprietorship, later expand into a partnership, and finally become corporations. Partnership is a business owned by two or more people. Partnership Act defines partnership as “an association of two or more person to carry on as co- owners of a […]

How to Organize a Business ? Best 5 Structural Way To Organize

How to Organize a Business ? A person involve in organizing a business should identify the business objectives, the types of people working for the business, the technology, and the environment in which the business operates. There has five organization structure of business. People making decisions about structure need to examine the functions before selecting […]

What is Corporation ? Full Definition, Types and Explanation

what is corporation ? Corporation is a business that is a legal entity separate from its owners. Some industries, such as automobile manufacturing, computer manufacturing, oil refining, and natural gas production, require millions of dollars to operate a business. Typically such vast sums of money are put together by attracting numerous investors. The unincorporated forms […]

What is International Business ?

International Business What is International Business ? International business is the performance of business activities across national boundaries that’s internationally. Every nation in the world participates in international business to some extent. Large companies as well as smaller firms sell their products throughout the world. Involvement in international business has increased steadily since World War […]

Why We Study Business ?

Why We Study Business ? When you graduate from college, where will you work? Do you buy health food or traditional food when you shop?  What price are you willing to pay for a compact disk, a ticket to a professional baseball game, a visit to the doctor because of cold? Do you qualify for […]

What is Business?

What is business ? Business is the exchange of goods, services, or money for mutual benefit or profit. Business needs people as owners, managers, employees, and consumers. People need business for the production of goods and services and the creation of jobs.   Business objectives Business must achieve their objectives to remain in operation. Lists […]